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Submit Driver Info Sheet
Attention Drivers

Submitting your driver information form online speeds up the registration process at the pit gate and gives tower personnel more time to enter your information and allows for accurate, searchable records. Your information will be sent through JotForm, a secure connection that uses the latest encryption and security measures. Only authorized users can view your information.
1. New drivers or anyone changing divisions should check the Open Car Number List prior to lettering your car or submitting your driver information sheet.  Duplicate car numbers are not allowed in the same division!
2. Have your Driver/Owner Information, Social Security Number or FEIN, Transponder Number and Sponsor List handy prior to opening the form.
3. Click Here to open 2020 Driver Information Form
4. Enter your information and press SUBMIT on the last page.
5. Follow links to complete the MyRacePass Registration plus claim and update your profile.
You will receive an automatic confirmation email to the driver's email address entered on the form. 

Q. Can I submit these forms using my mobile device?
A. Yes, you can fill out forms using your mobile device web browser.  JotForm uses the latest technology available for Internet security, including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. All form submissions 
transmitted securely with a 256 bit high-grade encryption.

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